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Discover how to help patients optimize function while improving their vitality . . . and STOP just treating pain!

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Welcome to a Transformational Journey of Chiropractic Excellence!


Unleash the Full Potential of Your Practice!

Whether you’re a devotee of vitalistic, neurologically-based, or salutogenic chiropractic, our meticulously crafted programs are the catalysts you’ve been seeking to elevate your adjusting skills and revitalize your practice! It’s a new dawn, where measuring transformative changes and showcasing the unparalleled value you bring is not just a vision but a reality!

Delve Deep & Discover!

Embark on a journey to articulate the essence and value of what you do with precision and passion. Learn to intertwine powerful, safe communication and adjustment strategies, viewing them through the enlightening polyvagal lens harmonized with our foundational Chiropractic Principles.

Personalized Path to Mastery!

Our model is not just a system; it’s a canvas where you can paint your practice with unique, authentic strokes, authentically elevating it. These are not just tools but keys to unlocking realms of ease and health, allowing you to master the art of improving neuroregulation.

Join Us in This Evolutionary Adventure!

Dive into a world where your practice blossoms with renewed vigor and purpose, embodying the innovative spirit of chiropractic care. Explore, evolve, and witness the metamorphosis of your chiropractic journey with us!

The Vitality Shift Program

The Vitality Shift Program

This is our signature 4 part online course that helps Chiropractors move their practice from just treating pain to focusing on function and vitality.  This course focuses on optimizing communication and providing objective measures to help practice members understand Chiropractic better and get excited about their potential under care. 

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The Informed Chiropractor

Dr. Don and Brandi are not working one on one with Chiropractors, so this is the only chance to work with them currently.  

This is a group mentoring program that helps Chiropractors become informed on business and personal development, adjusting techniques, and The Polyvagal theory.

Click below to get more information.  The is currently at a discounted price until the end of December 2022.  So join us today!


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The Vitality Shift Difference Free Retention PDF

You’ll uncover the secrets to:

• Doubling patient retention in 6 easy steps

• Getting more referrals for new business

• Forging deeper relationships with patients


What others have said

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"My practice has grown by 20-30% since joining. But that’s not WHY I joined, nor is it the BEST part. I joined to enjoy practice more, gain confidence in my communication and add functional testing. What I got is way more ease in my schedule, way more flow in my adjusting, a better understanding of my patient's needs, and an understanding of why valuing and prioritizing MY vitality has shifted my practice. All without changing a single procedure, just changing how I show up and serve each and every day."

Dr. Pip Penrose Young, Stratford, Ontario


Welcome to a Realm of Chiropractic Innovation:

Discover the Architects Behind The Informed Chiropractor, The Vitality Shift, and The MacDonald Safety Corridor Protocol!

Welcome to a world where chiropractic wisdom meets revolutionary innovation, introduced by the dynamic synergy of Dr. Don and Brandi MacDonald. As a husband-and-wife duo, they’ve intertwined their unique gifts to sculpt premium coaching programs, offering a transformative journey for chiropractors around the globe.

They are not just mentors but catalysts for change, guiding chiropractors to transcend the boundaries of merely treating pain and conditions. They light the path towards optimizing function and vitality, ensuring authenticity, and fostering a stress-free, profitable environment within the practice.

Revolutionizing Chiropractic Principles:

By seamlessly fusing timeless chiropractic principles with the avant-garde insights of the Polyvagal theory, they’ve pioneered approaches to optimize neurological regulation. They craft a sanctuary of safety and co-regulation within the office environment and adjusting procedures, fostering an ecosystem of holistic well-being and heightened neurological responsiveness.


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Featured Podcast Episodes

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Overcoming Your Internal Obstacles with Dr. John Osbourne

Dr. John takes us through his initial vitality shift and how he has progressed in the 4 years since he started his journey. Since then, he has still felt stuck; like his practice wasn’t growing as it should...

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Helping Chiropractors with Trauma with Brandi MacDonald

In this episode, Dr. Don is joined by Brandi MacDonald, and today they are discussing how they help chiropractors get unstuck by overcoming trauma.- both for themselves and the people they care for...

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A Chiropractor is the Ultimate Lifestyle Coach with Dr. Michael Hall

In cognitive sciences, stress is implicated in 90% of all chronic illnesses yet many doctors aren’t willing to make that diagnosis. Hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and mental illness top the charts worldwide for debilitating physiological issues with little being done to get to the root cause...


You're in good company

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"The key to moving our practice from one that was stuck and stagnant to one that is growing and thriving has been the vitality shift. The vitality shift got us moving and the vitality engine keeps us moving. The vitality engine has helped us develop our skills to communicate & practice congruently in a vitalistic manner. We’ve never been happier or more fulfilled in practice."

Dr. John and Marie Osborne, Ireland

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"Since joining the Vitality Engine my personal practice has increased by 40% from a time when I thought I was full. Gentle advice on top of excellent lessons and monthly tutorials have enabled me to edge my practice forward past where any of us ever thought possible. Receipts are up, referrals are up and results are up."

Dr. Donald Francis, Scotland, UK

The Vitality Shift Online Program is Currently Closed

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