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 We Are So Excited to Return to Sydney To Present the MacDonald Safety Corridor Protocol level 1, and the Polyvagal Shift Experience on May 31/June 1

"We are thrilled to reunite with our Australian and New Zealand friends for two transformative events, lighting the way to chiropractic excellence and innovation!"

Friday, May 31st, 2023 - MacDonald Safety Corridor Protocol Level 1 Doctors only to this day.

Chiropractors, join us and delve deep into the world of neurologically focused chiropractic approaches that seamlessly integrate with principled chiropractic assessments and adjusting to promote nervous system regulation.

 Exclusive to Chiropractors

"This incredible protocol aligns perfectly with a principled approach, adaptable to any technique and enhanced by the intricate polyvagal approach – a symphony of physiology and anatomy."

"Navigate the nuances of the nervous system, understand the intricacies of its threat/defensive dynamics, and guide it to a state of harmonious ease."

🔍 Discover:

  • The "MacDonald Safety Corridor Protocol" seminar is for chiropractors looking to utilize learnings from the polyvagal theory in their practice. 
  • This cutting-edge seminar provides a framework for understanding how the nervous system functions in states of safety and threat and how to adjust in presence and intent as an enhancement to simply following predetermined indicators.
  • The critical priority checking and adjusting of occiput and sphenoid in assessing the state of "The social engagement system."
  • Assessing and adjusting the upper six ribs. Focus on the first rib and its relationship to the Ventral vagal complex and the "threat" response.
  • Assessing and adjusting the Lower six ribs, focusing on the diaphragm, viscera, and its relationship to the dorsal vagal complex.
  • Adding ques of safety into your adjusting protocol to enhance your current Chiropractic adjusting technique.

Saturday, June 1st, 2023 - "The Polyvagal shift." OPEN TO EVERYONE

Chiropractors and their teams assemble! Immerse yourselves in the Chiropractic Principles and Polyvagal Theory union and master the art of elevated, synchronized care!

Open to Chiropractors and Their Teams

"Embark on a journey to refine communication, enhance collaboration, and streamline care, creating a cohesive, impactful team environment."

Reap the Rewards:

  • Deepen the understanding and application of polyvagal principles among your team, crafting more tailored and impactful care.
  • Become predictable in care planning, prebooking, and first and second-visit expectations
  • Learn the "language" of encouraging care for difficult people
  • Help everyone stay on the same page to grow a practice and limit

Experience the Evolution!

  • Synergize with your team to create a fluid, harmonious practice environment.
  • Empower your team with knowledge, making every interaction more insightful and impactful.
  • Transform your practice into a beacon of chiropractic innovation and excellence.

Join Us in Sydney! Reconnect, Rediscover, and Revolutionize your practice with us in the beautiful city of Sydney! Secure your spot now and become the harbinger of transformative chiropractic care!

Take advantage of this opportunity to redefine your practice and elevate the world of chiropractic care!


The Polyvagal Shift will help anyone working in a chiropractic office looking to connect more deeply with their practice members.

 Whether you're a chiropractor, chiropractic assistant, massage therapist, physiotherapist, personal trainer, or any other team member, you'll learn core concepts that will help you provide more personalized and effective treatment to your patients.
At the seminar, you'll learn about the concept of safety under a polyvagal lens and how non-doctors and doctors can initiate and create neurological safety for their patients. You'll also discover the idea of an accessible nervous system and why it's critical to any education we provide.
But that's not all. We'll also delve into the neuroscience of how people learn and take in education and why the old-school way of "scripts/rigidity/patient education" is outdated. And you'll learn about the "MacDonald Safety Corridor" assessment style, from the new patient call to exiting, that can transform how you approach patient care.

Dr. Emir Lervy

I would say it’s a more in-depth way of assessing and adjusting - using modified adjustments which will enhance the ones we already use in practice. I believe if more of us adjust like this we will have a much more relaxed community

Dr. Tanya Chambers

This is an excellent protocol that works perfectly in line with a principled Chiropractic approach to assessing the spine and nervous system. The enhancements of this protocol can apply to any technique, and the intertwined polyvagal approach makes sense - physiologically and anatomically. This is one of the most patient-centered approach I’ve seen.

Dr. Sharon Dongarra

What an incredible weekend! Learning, hands-on mentorship, and community. It doesn't get any better. I do not doubt that I'm a better chiropractor after this experience. Thank you to the MacDonalds, who consistently over-deliver.

MacDonald Safety Corridor Level 1 $799US DOCTOR FEE

Friday May 31st












May 31 and June 1 Bundle Special

SAVE $299 US



For teams larger than 3, contact Brandi and Don for group registration costs.

Dr. Estelle Zauner Maughan

Taking part in this protocol and learning how to put my adjustments together in a way my clients can integrate in a neurologically safer way is a game changer. My communication has changed and my outcomes are improving. Every chiropractor should have an understanding of this in daily life and practice.

Dr. Sarah Tremblay

I have been involved in the shift almost from the beginning. My CA has only been with me for a year. Brandi's teaching is always an intense experience for a first-timer.  Having Dr Don there to share his clinical skills and experiences "from the trenches" made it relatable to all the doctors while keeping it accessible for the few spouses in the group. I loved the interactive exercises. We also appreciated spending time with Don and Brandi at the end of the day over drinks and dinner. We came home feeling empowered to make some changes both at the office and at home. I highly recommend and no need to have knowledge of polyvagal before coming to the seminar

Dr. Pip Penrose

The polyvagal team chiropractic seminar brought polyvagal to practical life - and will support our personal relationships, parenting, and how we show up and in turn relate to and care for our practice. The information was immediately applicable in so many ways and caused a ripple of understanding and considerations throughout life and practice. 


The Ridges World Square hotel Sydney.   Perfectly located in the heart of Sydney CBD (Central Business District), Rydges World Square offers luxury accommodations with a flat-screen TV. Guests enjoy a fitness center, a cocktail bar, and a restaurant. Located next to the World Square Shopping Center, Rydges is 5 minutes’ walk from Chinatown. Darling Harbor and Sydney Convention Center are 15 minutes’ walk away. A bus stop is directly outside the hotel, and there are light rail and train stations within 10 minutes' walk.