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Tired Of Your Practice Members Leaving After the “Pain Goes Away”?

Discover How You Can Start Retaining, Educating, and Having Your Practice Members Wanting to Increase Their Health and Vitality With Your Practice, Over the Long Haul.


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Today, Dr. Don MacDonald and Brandi MacDonald are Going to Tell You How They’ve Been Transforming Chiropractic Offices Around the World, How YOU Can Retain Your Practice Members LONGER and Begin to Have More Long Term Results With Them Beyond How They Feel.

Things could be going great, as far as business and finances go…

…but if you are anything like us, you want your practice members to stay under care not just for ‘quick-fixes’ or to get rid of their current pain.

You want to help them improve their health and vitality!

Sadly, what happened in our practice was our practice members were leaving as soon as their pain was gone and were not making a long-term commitment with us.

You’ve sat through the long, boring seminars that overcomplicate how to implement the “right script, the right procedure or the promises that, if you do what they did, you will get the same results.

Like you, I loved the idea of implementing new ideas from these seminars into my practice, but it was difficult figuring out how to go about it and how to make it MINE, not someone else’s.

That’s when my wife, Brandi, and I started to brainstorm, experiment and most importantly implement the information we learned, so that it would be easier to educate our practice members on the importance of Chiropractic care for overall life expression.

Welcome My Fellow Chiropractor,

My name is Dr. Don MacDonald and, along with my wife Brandi MacDonald, I was able to finally develop a strategy and framework that changed the way we communicated, measured and marketed our practice.

It took much learning, traveling and experimentation but we finally made it happen.

I opened my practice nearly 20 years ago and struggled (as many do) for the first 7.  

As you may have experienced, I found it difficult to get MY MESSAGE of Chiropractic to my people.

Overwhelmingly, I was left feeling very incongruent, frustrated and ashamed that I could not make this thing work.

I had seen many Chiropractors become great successes and began to feel there must be something wrong with me and my approach.


Have You Ever Felt So Overwhelmed with Building and Maintaining Your Practice, You Begin to Dread Going to Your Office?

I did, so I asked Brandi if she would come into the office, just for a few months, to help so I could focus on growing my business.

She came into my office and within 18 months my practice almost tripled.

Things were going great business wise but we were finding that we wanted our practice members to stay under care to help improve their health and vitality but they were often leaving after they were out of pain or it was hit and miss who stayed longer.

These frustrations led me to attend many different seminars, especially those that focused on neurology, communication and philosophy.

Many of these seminars were either hugely inspirational, or overly complicated, neither which helped us transform. The information was never just in ONE place.

Brandi and I brainstormed, experimented, and (most importantly) implemented the information we developed  to make it easier to educate our practice members on the importance of Chiropractic care for overall life expression.

In this time, Brandi started getting asked “what are you doing?” and began speaking all over the world.

Within the last 10 years she has spoken in 9 countries teaching the concepts we developed.

She has been asked, on many occasions, for this information but…

…we did not have it in an easy to implement program.

Both Brandi and I have been coaching other Chiropractors over the years and have found it difficult to cover all of this information during one-on-one calls so we compiled our knowledge and experience into this 4 module online course

This will now help us coach you on a higher level and NOW, you can learn through this program for much less than the typical high-fees you would pay for us individually.


Referred to as, “Dr. Don” by his practice members, Dr. MacDonald loves chiropractic education and practice.

Dr. MacDonald graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1997, and has since been in active practice in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

He was the President of the Edmonton Chiropractic Society from 2004 until 2011.  He co-authored ‘Tired of Being Sick and Tired’, co-created “Conversations with Dr. Michael Hall” to help Chiropractors increase their knowledge about the benefits of Chiropractic care, and is author of the new book “The Underdog Curse”.

 Dr. Don and his wife Brandi MacDonald have a Chiropractic Seminar Series that have been providing Subluxation-based continuing education to the doctors in Canada since 2007 called True Concepts Seminars and the co-creator the Vitality Shift.

Brandi MacDonald is the owner of True Concepts Inc. and True Concepts Seminars which specializes in educating doctors and Chiropractic Assistant’s on spreading the word of chiropractic through Universal Principles.

She is an internationally renowned speaker, Author, and coach. 

Previously highlighted on the Dr. Phil show for her transformation of her health and life change through Chiropractic care, she has spent her career learning the complexities of Chiropractic in an effort to simply the message to the masses.

She is the former Executive Director of the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations, current board member of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation.

As you can see, we’ve been at this for quite some time, continuously honing our systems, training and methods to help you better understand how you can do this in your practice.

After many years and through surveying our large tribe of clients and colleagues, we’ve found the struggles you want to get out from under are:

  • How to bring in enough money to keep your practice going and live the life you would like…as you’ve always dreamed.
  • You can’t seem to change your practice members’ mindset from “quick-fix” to “Long-Term Commitment”.
  • Having a hard time getting practice members to understand your message about continual health and vitality methods and how your practice can help them.
  • Feeling ashamed because you thought you would be doing better financially.
  • Feeling you don’t have enough functional testing to measure progress with your people and feeling you couldn’t possibly start this in your practice.

It’s time you stopped feeling stressed, reaching the plateau point in your practice and overwhelmed and allow Brandi and I to help you become more inspired and skilled than ever…

…while finally unraveling the secret to what you’ll discover in these 4, easy to learn modules of training we created for you.

There are over 30 videos you can watch and learn from anytime you want online.

Each video is roughly 7-22 minutes long, so it’s not going to take you months or years to learn and integrate this into your business. Take a look at just a fraction of what’s inside…

Join the Others Who Have Experienced this Training and Start Making an Impact Today.

Here's What You Get...

MODULE 1 – Unlocking Your Premise

This module is to help you in identifying your premise in chiropractic. Rather than focusing on “how do we do what we do”, we encourage you to focus on your belief system about chiropractic and health.

We have observed that the biggest stress for most chiropractors is how out of alignment they are within their practices and what they believe is their premise. This is why a clear and aligned premise will allow for a clear and aligned message and framework for our practice members.

  • So, how do you find out what your premise truly is?
  • Are you pain-based?
  • Are you condition-based?
  • Or, do you practice in a life-based model of care?

Watch and LISTEN to this video to learn how to assess your current practice language, which in turn will help clarify the premise you are putting out to your practice members.

MODULE 2 – Unlocking the Communication Code

Communication is the most important piece of a successful practice.

In this module, you will learn about three different kinds of communication styles:

  1. Delicate Communication
  2. Domineering Communication
  3. Dynamic Communication

 Learn which communication style we should strive to stay in as much as possible with each practice member interaction.

This module will also help you develop more effective communication skills to determine differences in personality types and further understand the values that drive your practice members. 

MODULE 3 – Unlocking the Chiropractic Vital Signs

Romberg's, Mittelmeyers, Tandem Gait... We can all remember learning “the dreaded neurology” in school as neurological tests used as indicators of pathology.

Instead, we re-frame these tests and 6 others as "Chiropractic Vital Signs" that give us an indication of how well the nervous system is functioning and relay a practice member's potential to heal and furthermore, their untapped LIFE potential. This module reviews the tests that we've incorporate into our exam and re-evaluation process to help move practice members away from a pain and conditions premise and towards a life-based premise.

A space where we believe the "AH-HA" moments lie in practice! 

Learn how to implement these tests gradually in your practice to start creating a Vitality Shift!

MODULE 4 – Unlocking the Care Planning Code

The specifics of care planning have always been a topic of high debate. Generally, we have found that it all comes down to confidence…

…the less confident you are, the less care you are likely to recommend, while the more confident you are the more you speak about vitality and the more time you allow for a care plan. 

In this module, we discuss the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be when it comes to developing more confidence and accepted care agreements as well as the tools to move from one point to the other.

As you can surely see, we spent a lot of time, as well as many years, to come up with and streamline this training to ensure its effectiveness and your ability to integrate it into your practice.

What Doctors Are Saying About The Vitality Shift...

Future Dr. Kurtis Fischer

“I’ve been incredibly privileged to work through The Vitality Shift and WOW! Transformative. Don and Brandi challenge your perspective on how you approach each that comes into your practice and guide them through a model of health that makes sense and is unique to that very person. Ensuring that there is an alignment and congruency between your purpose, communication, and methods so that the person in front of you has the best opportunity to express their most vital self-possible. The Vitality Shift is the missing puzzle piece for any practice, and I cannot recommend enough to anyone, to check out what the program could do for you and your practice.”

Kurtis Fischer (Chiropractic Intern, New Zealand College of Chiropractic.

Dr. Peter Kevorkian and Dr. Patti Giuliano

"Having had a very successful 'wellness family practice' for a number of years, it was extremely refreshing and inspiring to experience The Vitality Shift. This program offers tools to allow us to be more congruent and effective in our application of chiropractic service. Brandi and Don have done a stellar job of creating a program that can be easily integrated into a busy practice.  

The Vitality Shift explains the psychology of communication and doctor/patient dynamics and offers practical outcomes measures to quantitatively show people better physiological function.  It has allowed us to step further away from a therapeutic model and fully embrace a vitality model of practice."

Dr. Peter Kevorkian & Dr. Patti Giuliano, Boston, MA


Dr. Jenny Armstrong

"This is the course that was missing in my chiropractic education. It ties the science to the art to the philosophy of chiropractic.
It creates congruent systems for staff training, a team based framework for patient care and the framework for running a successful chiropractic business.

I've been in practice for 21 years and have built a wellness based experience for myself, my team and my practice members. The Vitality Shift adds another layer of cohesion for me to grow into. It beautifully ties together the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic and offers the viewer a successful business model in which to thrive."

Dr. Jenny Armstrong, BC, Canada

Along with the videos, you will receive any documents and tools we provide for this course and you will always have the ability to email us with your questions.

After all these years, Brandi and I truly understand what it has been like for you, going it alone…

…well, today you are no longer on your own!

That’s why we are making this course, well within reach and not charging the thousands of dollars our past clients have paid to work with us.

You need to upgrade the parameters and methods of retaining more, helping more and creating long-term relationships with your practice members.

You’re tired of watching others experiencing the financial freedom you know YOU should be experiencing.

Less overwhelm, stress or fear of how you could possibly do this for your practice because…

By Clicking the Order Now Button Below and Grabbing Hold of This Special, 4 Module Video Training, You Will Have All the Answers You Need, the Tools and Resources to Upgrade Your Business and the Ability to Finally Get the Results You Deserve. 

What Doctors Are Saying About The Vitality Shift...

Dr. Jennifer Kim

"As a fresh Chiropractic graduate (April 2017), I packed my bags from the USA and moved to New Zealand to practice and live. I didn't realize how little I actually understood about Chiropractic until I joined the Vitality Shift. Right off the bat, Don and Brandi question you to look at yourself and raise your consciousness of what you say and do. It's not that they tell you what to say or do, but they ask questions that make you think, "Oh crap, that's me!" And thankfully teach you how to self-correct. It's totally judgement free and the Facebook access alone is worth it! Like Brandi and Don say, it's not faking it till you make it. It's stepping up to who you were born to be. If any of you know Brandi and Don already, you know your snowglobe called life is about to be shaken and it is worth it. Welcome aboard on this amazing journey. We have a community of CAs and Docs that are here to support you!"

- Dr. Jen from Back to Living NZ

Dr. Louse Blair

"Unlocking the Vitality Code has been transformative for our office. This is the first multi-module training course we have done as a WHOLE team. Brandi's ability to bring complex ideas together in a way that engages the CAs is the gold. The 1000mile view and how we're interacting together, down to the close-up technical has facilitated the chiropractors integrating the neurology we've been aiming to incorporate without our CA team feel like Alice in Wonderland. Don's calm and measured explanations ensured that everyone in our team learned. Thank you Don and Brandi."

- Dr. Louise Blair, Alpha Wolf (not in denial any longer), Wellington.

Dr. Brenden Pascoe

"I have found this course to be fantastic. It suits my learning style. The videos aren't too long and boring, they're condensed and fun. The best thing is you can go back over and over until it is cemented in your mind or just to appreciate finer details you may have missed first time around.

There is great content on the facebook group and it's so handy to share struggles and triumphs with others.

The one thing I have enjoyed most is that the strategies given here help bridge that gap between the philosophy and physiology that we know and have learnt over years and helps to communicate it succinctly to our patients who haven't spent years studying it. 

I highly recommend The Vitality Shift."

- Dr. Brenden Pascoe, Calliope, Queensland

Join the Countless Others Who Have Experienced this Training and Start Making an Impact in Your Community, Serving Your Practice Members at a Higher-Level, While Enjoying a Practice that YOU Deserve, RIGHT NOW!

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